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Toei Animation Has Been Hacked

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Toei Animation is perhaps the most globally famous of Japan’s animation studios, having multiple iconic anime under its umbrella including One Piece and the Dragon Ball series. What kind of secrets could their mascot Pero be hiding under his giant hat? Looks like somebody tried to find out.

Siliconera reports that on March 6, an “unauthorized third party” attempted to break into Toei’s internal servers. Whoever they were, it doesn’t sound like they made it through, but that was because Toei caught the breach in time and shut down everything as a preventative measure.

Toei is still analyzing the extent of the breach and how much data that may have been compromised. It could affect more than just the studio, as their online store was on one of the servers and may have contained private customer info. So in the meantime, the hacked servers must remain unplugged, which means the shows that relied on them can’t be produced.

We’re only just hearing about this a week later because it’s turned out to affect production of some Toei shows to the point where they won’t have new episodes ready for the first time in years. One Piece, for example, will have to shift to reruns for their upcoming episode.

Three other shows will also be affected: Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game, and Delicious Party: Pretty Cure. Dragon Quest is airing Episode 31 instead of the scheduled Episode 73 tomorrow. Delicious Party: Pretty Cure does not have such an extensive library and will roll back to Episode 4 (in lieu of the incomplete Episode 6).

Toei is still making up its mind what to air in the next One Piece time slot, as well as what to do about Digimon. Updated schedules will be posted on their respective websites when a decision is made. It’s unknown how long the delay will last, but we don’t imagine it taking up more than a few weeks.