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Tiny Toons Reboot Announced For HBO Max

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In less than a month, we’ll be seeing the first new episodes of Animaniacs in over twenty years….on a non-WB owned streaming service. WB’s deal with Hulu for two seasons was made just prior to the shift in strategy where every studio got their own streamer and hoarded their own content to fill it. With the attention Hulu has been getting lately for Animaniacs, WB probably wishes they hadn’t done that.

Well, what else do they have? Animaniacs’ predecessor, Tiny Toon Adventures, which was successful enough to generate 98 episodes over three seasons, several TV specials and an awesome direct-to-video movie. Good enough! Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) are returning to television with their own two-season deal, and this time it’s on HBO Max, a service WB owns wholesale.

The new show is called Tiny Toons Looniversity, named after the school where the TTs learn the fine art of cartoon mayhem from their teachers Bugs, Elmer, Sylvester and others. As you can tell from the promotional art provided above, the art style will be much like what was done with Animaniacs — very similar to the original, but a bit slicker with a few more details. Buster and Babs also appear to be wearing new clothing, but since they’re submerged in the ground it’s hard to tell what.

Details like voice casting are unknown at this time — it’s a bit more complicated than it was with Animaniacs, since some of the original VAs are dead and one, Charlie Adler, had a falling-out with the studio and refused to voice Buster afterward. We do know that Steven Spielberg will be as hands-on with this reboot as he has been with the return of Animaniacs. Erin Gibson has been hired as showrunner and co-executive producer alongside Nate Cash — we don’t know who either of those people are, but Cash worked on the staff of Adventure Time.

The Tiny Toons will be invading your wi-fi along with your TV at an unspecified time. No date of release has been announced yet.