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ThunderCats (2011) – “Curse of Ratilla” Episode 20 Recap


Thundercats (2011) LogoThe ThunderCats infiltrate Mount Plun-Darr in order to save the cat slaves from the menacing rats. However, things begin to become much bigger when the group discovers that the rats are using the enslave species to find  Mumm-Ra’s old sword: The Sword of Plun-Darr

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The ThunderCats arrive at Mount Plun-Darr and find that enslaved cats are being held hostage by the gruesome Ratar-O and his rat warriors. After going undercover within the slave lines, Cheetara and Tygra are able to discover and snatch away Mumm-Ra’s  sword: The Sword of Plun-Darr. Lion-O eventually clashes against Ratar-O and manages to win the fight, thanks to the aid of a minion sick of following Ratar-O’s selfish desires. But after freeing the cat slaves, Lion-O and company discover that the battle has only begun, as Mumm-Ra’s army arrives on the scene.

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Curse of Ratilla introduces viewers to the rat species and the thrilling aspect of Mumm-Ra having his own sword similar to the Sword of Omens. As I said before about Trials of Lion-O Part 2, Mumm-Ra hasn’t exactly been a very threatening villain when it comes to his own power; even Addicus and Kaynar proved themselves to be bigger threats by taking out the ThunderCats with ease. Mumm-Ra  can appear like a evil antagonist, but he becomes all talk and no bite when one flash of the Sword of Omens scares him off. If I had to honestly guess, The ThunderCats will most likely lose possession of the sword in order for the writers to give Mumm-Ra a major upgrade.

Most of the  background about the rats and cats once having clashed years before was kind of predictable.  Though, I liked that Ratar-O was another strong villain who actually had plans to wield the Sword of Plun-Darr for himself. I apologize in advance to those who may have wanted more detail on Ratar-O, as I only recently learned he as a villain from the classic series that I have no knowledge of. It goes to show that those who are fans of the original ThunderCats series may find extra satisfaction within these episodes thanks to nostalgic memories.

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What  I felt stood out the most here was watching Pumyra and Lion-O have opposite feelings about how to handle the slavery scenario. Pumyra constantly wanted to get proper revenge by having the rats be utterly destroyed, meanwhile Lion-O takes on his own stance that killing the rats won’t change the fact of what’s already happened with the enslaved cats.  In a lot of ways, Lion-O and Pumyra are almost complete opposites when it comes to getting the job done on the battlefield. Next time, things really begin to heat up with Mumm-Ra creating a full counterattack on the ThunderCats in order to wield his dark sword once again.