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Three New Games Debut For PlayStation Now


Three new games – “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, “Just Cause 4” and “The Golf Club 2019” – are available for various time periods for those with a PlayStation Now subscription.


Released a year and a half ago, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” features Peter Parker fighting villains – such as Mister Negative, Kingpin and Electro – in New York and will only be available until July 7, 2020.


“Just Cause 4” – the action-adventure game that was released just a little over a year ago has you playing good guy Rico Rodriguez battling a gang of bad guys called the Black Hand in the South American-themed country of Solis. “Just Cause 4” is being made available until October 6, 2020.


Finally, there is “The Golf Club 2019” – also released a little over a year ago and which is available indefinitely. Key features of “The Golf Club 2019” include…


  • A single player Career Mode. Work your way through the ranks to become the number one golf professional in the world.
  • Real-world courses plus a library of 170,000 existing user-created courses which everyone can play.
  • New play modes: Alt-Shot and Skins.
  • Online Matchmaking.
  • Private Matches  [Online Matchmaking but giving you control over who is invited to play, the course played, round format used and additional conditions for each match].
  • Expanded Character Editor.
  • Enhanced Online and Solo Societies.
  • Course Designer features such as optimized auto-fill options when drawing splines and painting surfaces, tree rotation plus many new objects in the extensive library of 400+ props.
  • Cross-platform sharing of user-designed courses.
  • Improvements to the ball physics for added realism and accuracy.
  • Improvements to the crowd system including seated spectators for added authenticity.
  • Improved swing mechanic and user feedback.

A PlayStation Now subscription allows access to a library of more than 800 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games which you can then stream directly to your PS4 or PC, and download PS4 & PS2 games to your PS4.