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Three New Game Additions For PlayStation Now In February


Three new games will be coming to PlayStation Now for February – “The Evil Within”, “Cities Skylines” and “LEGO Worlds”.


If you want to start out in darkness, there is “The Evil Within” – a horror video game where detectives must deal with an earthquake that has allowed inmates and/or creatures to escape from a mental hospital. This means you get to have the fun of meeting up with such interesting adversaries as ‘Reborn Laura’, a multi-limbed, long-haired, crawling creature, ‘The Keeper’, a large humanoid with a safe as a head who wields a large meat tenderizer hammer and ‘The Sadist’, a large humanoid wearing a spiked metal mask on his face, wielding a chainsaw covered in blood, among other lovelies.


If you would prefer not to deal with mental hospital creature escapees, then there is “Cities: Skylines” – where you can start with a plot of land and proceed to construct an entire city of your liking. You can satisfy your inner urban planner waiting to emerge by add roads and residential, industrial, and commercial zones and basic services like power, water, and sewage as to encourage residents to move in and supply them with jobs. Then, as the city grows beyond certain population tiers, you can unlock new city improvements including schools, fire stations, police stations, health care facilities and waste management systems, tax and governing edicts, transit, and other features to manage your new city.


Finally, if you begin to tire of all that planning and want to leave your city for the world of LEGOS, there is “LEGO Worlds” available to fulfill your LEGO desires. In this game, you are rewarded for collecting objects spread across the map with “studs” [the in-game currency]. Players can build and create their own world by using predefined LEGO structures or the “brick-by-brick editor tool”. Players’ appearances and outfits are customizable in the game, terrain and environment can be modified via landscaping tools and a variety of vehicles, such as helicopters, and creatures are featured in the game.