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This Website Will Say Whatever You Type In Spongebob’s Voice


Human voice synthesis has existed about as long as the home computer market has…the earliest were separate machines that had to be installed into the computer itself. One of the first that ran through pure software was SAM, the Software Automated Mouth, for the Apple II (you can still mess around with SAM on this website).

We’re now in 2021 and voice synthesis has evolved to the point where the more expensive efforts are nearly indistinguishable from actual human speech. Some brainy person out there has taken this technology and put it where it REALLY needs to be used: fake quotes from cartoon characters. It’s 15.ai, a free website anyone can use.

For example, here is a famous quote from a comic book psychopath that I’ve put in the mouth of a certain boxy optimist (one rude term has been changed to “forks”):

Apparently the brony community has known about this site for years already, because it was once nearly exclusively devoted to pony voices…and they’re still there, so you have the power to make Tara Strong say whatever you want:

Both Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane are available:

And surprisingly, so is Dan of Dan Vs, not that I’m complaining. Only problem is, I can’t think of any crazy thing to make Dan say that he wouldn’t actually say on his short-lived show. …I know, how about this:

In some ways, SAM is still more advanced than this. It was possible to affect SAM’s inflections by using special characters, as well as change his pitch at will. With 15.ai, you’re at the mercy of whatever random inflections you get. It doesn’t seem to know what to do with question marks (SAM did) and delivers each line as a statement.

So you may have to push the “Generate” button several times before you get the performance you’re after. Here is a much BETTER reading of Spongebob as Rorschach that is pure gold (I didn’t even put in that second “no,” it did it on its own):

Fool around with 15.ai. Be warned: you will lose hours and hours of your life to this nonsense.