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This Is What Disney’s Aladdin Looks Like (In 2019)


There was a recent news story about the Princess Of Dubai feeling imprisoned by her powerful father and arranging an escape with a friend. The plan was to sail to India, but they didn’t get far and their boat was caught in three days. Barely anyone has seen the Princess since, with only a couple of new photos emerging showing her looking miserable and malnourished. And I couldn’t help but think, “Man, if only this was a Disney movie, a guy with a magic carpet would have taken CARE of this.”

The first trailer Disney released for their Aladdin remake was roundly mocked, with most of the derision focused on Will Smith’s awful CG-blob Genie. We’re relieved to report he does not take that form all the time. In fact the reaction to this trailer was much more positive, though not so positive as to forgive its unnecessary existence….it will never be the animated version.

We were promised a musical from the very first announcement, which makes it odd we didn’t get to hear a single note until today. There are snips from “Friend Like Me” and “Whole New World” and they’re welcome to our ears. We’re assuming all the other songs are in it. Heck, maybe we’ll even get “Proud of Your Boy” since it’s used in the Broadway version.

“Aladdin” is the salami in the Disney Remake Sandwich that starts with Dumbo this month and concludes with The Lion King in July. It will be in theaters May 24, but this reporter will be sticking with his 1992 memories. (I might care about this one if Sadira was in it.)