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This Battletoads Cartridge Costs A Hundred Bucks


You might have heard the Battletoads are back. Their first new adventure in over 25 years hit the XBox platform today. Reactions from critics are mixed…IGN loves it, Polygon hates it, Kotaku is…totally worthless. But it’s not the only thing for sale right now about toads from outer space.

iAm8Bit has announced they’re reprinting the original cartridge that started all this….Battletoads for NES, developed by Rare, published in the States by Tradewest, hyped in the summer of 1991 by these rad kids:

The new reissue of Battletoads will come in two toad-tastic flavors: “Zitz Green” and “Pimple Brown” (if you’re somehow reading this without knowing anything about Battletoads, they are named after skin blemishes, which is a play on the old “frogs cause warts” myth). Care has been taken to recreate the original box art, manual and labels as closely as possible, but it will still sport several differences like a modern Rare logo instead of a Tradewest one, a green instead of black border, and a “Legacy Cartridge Collection” seal.

On the same day, iAm8Bit also announced a vinyl release for the Battletoads soundtrack. It’s something they’ve put on vinyl before, and to be honest, we like the art in the first version better:

But this one is a 2-disc version that will also include the soundtrack from the 2020 Battletoads, so there’s that.

Now for the outrageous part: iAm8Bit wants $99.99 from you for the reprint. We have no idea how they get away with prices like this when perfectly functional copies from the original run are still out there for a much lower cost. Maybe it’s the extras. Maybe it’s the limited availability:

  • Limited Edition of 2,000 (iam8bit Exclusive)
  • Brand-New Playable Cartridge
  • Translucent Zitz Green and Ultra Limited Pimple Brown Cartridges (Randomized)
  • Specialty Fold-Out Foil Box with Gloss and Embellishments
  • Full-Color, Premium Instruction Booklet w/ Restored Artwork + Foreword by Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil
  • Custom Dust Cover
  • Retro Pack-In Surprises
  • Custom Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design
  • Manufactured by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives
  • Battletoads: Smash Hits (2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack)

Or maybe it’s the fact that they packed the 2-disc vinyl into the NES box, so you’re forced to buy them both even if you’re not a vinyl collector. Ah well.

The cartridge, and everything that comes with it, goes on sale this fall.