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Thirteen Minutes of New Rise Of The Tomb Raider Footage


Straight from Gamescom, here is over ten minutes of gameplay from Lara’s upcoming new adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider. If the original game was lacking in anything, it was delivering what the two words in the title were advertising. Developer Crystal Dynamics promised that this go-round, there would be substantially more TOMBS being RAIDED, and it now looks like they kept to that promise.

Lara climbs up stiff rock faces, solves ancient puzzles, encounters fearsome dangers, and talks to herself a WHOLE lot. Above all else in this video, I am most pleased by the lack of Lara being horribly injured over and over. (When the first game was heading for release this was all they ever showed.)

Rise of the Tomb Raider will first be released for XBox One and XBox 360 on November 10. A PC version will follow in early 2016, and then a Playstation 4 version will come out one year after the XBox versions.

And there will be more beyond that! Square-Enix CEO Phil Rogers told Gamespot last week that the story told in Tomb Raider and continued in the “Rise” sequel will be concluded in a third game (which will not be XBox exclusive).