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Third South Park Game Confirmed, Question Games Chosen As Developer


Last year, when ol’ Matt and ol’ Trey revealed they signed a mega-deal with Paramount for multiple new seasons of South Park as well as fourteen Paramount+ specials, the possibility of a third video game was also raised. Today we received confirmation the game is happening, along with who the developer will be.

South Park games have had quite the climb up from where they started. Back in the N64 era when the show first became popular, some of the worst games that didn’t have Superman in them had Cartman in them instead. Acclaim held the license and used it to create quick cookie-cutter cash grabs, while Matt and Trey mostly looked the other way.

M&T were also gamers, however, and between then and now, they decided it would be better to get directly involved in the games themselves. The results were The Stick Of Truth and The Fractured But Whole, two big-budget releases that scored high with critics and sold millions of copies. As great as they were, they were also a ton of work, so it’s not much of a surprise it’s taken this long to hear word of another.

As for the chosen developer. it’s Question Games, and the question you likely have is “Who?” Question is a development team made up of folks who formerly worked on the Bioshock series. They’ve released two games so far, The Magic Circle and The Blackout Club. The former was a satirical take on their own profession, putting you literally into the middle of a broken, abandoned video game and tasking you with fixing it by hacking the environments back into shape.

Aside from the hiring of Question, barely anything is known at this early point about the third South Park game. It may be years before it surfaces, but it’s now in development for consoles and PC.