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Things Get Surreal In Two New Rick And Morty Videos

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We’re so used to waiting “a year and a half, or longer” for fresh Rick and Morty content that it’s jarring to have the staff share material from Season 5 just a couple months after Season 4 ended. The panel at last weekend’s Adult Swim Con had an animatic reel ready to go. It’s the first real evidence (from a viewer’s perspective) that the giant episode order from a couple years ago is starting to make a real difference in production speed, as Harmon swore it would.

When you base your show’s entire theme around subverting expectations, that task gets harder and harder to do. It’s not surprising in this clip that Rick and Morty are on the verge of death yet again. It’s not that much of a shock that Rick can’t set sail on the ocean because he’s been banned by the Aquaman-type character that governs it. What DID startle us to our core was this: Jessica actually showed interest in Morty. Didn’t see THAT coming!

Season 5 may even be further along than this suggests — co-creator Justin Roiland told the website Slash Film a few months ago that “season 5 is mostly in the can.” He could have meant the toilet, suggesting they had to scrap everything, but we assume he means the good can.

The early appearance of Season 5 wasn’t the only Rick and Morty-related surprise of the weekend. The Toonami block promised a “new anime short” would make its debut that night, and it turned out to star….Rick and Morty. The American production crew had nothing to do with the short — it was put together by Tower of God director Takashi Sano and feels completely different from the Western cartoon series it inspired.

So who knows — we could very well get Season 5, or possibly the first half of Season 5, of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim before 2020 peaces out. Keep watching the schedule…