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They’re Working On A Little Witch Academia VR Broom Racing Game

Little Witch Academia VR Broom Racing

Any cartoon character can ride a kart, but how many can fly on a broom? And if you’ve got a dozen student witches hot on your tail, will you have more than blue shells to worry about? Theoretically anything could appear!

The hit anime series Little Witch Academia (currently on Netflix in the US) could be getting its own virtual reality experience if the crowdfunding campaign being run by Japanese dev studio UNIVRS is successful. You will be playing as an original character in the game, but it’s a first-person view anyway, and you’ll be able to team up with Akko, Lotte or other characters from the anime who ARE visible.

A pledge of $28 gets you a digital copy of the game for your goggles of choice (Oculus Rift, Playstation VR or Steam VR). Increasing the pledge to $47 gets you the soundtrack and two postcards with original LWA art. The “Original Game Package” tier, for $85, is the most interesting, as just today UNIVRS has announced a partnership with Limited Run Games to produce an actual physical disc for the racer.

As of this writing, Little Witch Academia VR Broom Racing is $4,000 shy of its goal with just four days remaining. It’s completely possible it can make that amount within that time, but UNIVRS has committed a cardinal sin by not providing any gameplay footage beyond a one-minute concept demo. How can anyone trust what they’re getting, or that UNIVRS can make its promised June 2020 release date?

it’s probably those issues that are preventing this crowdfund from escalating higher, but hopefully UNIVRS can make this happen. Assuming all goes smoothly, Little Witch Academia VR Broom Racing will be out in 2020.