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These Extreme Closeups May Be Captain America: Civil War Props

civil war

We know Captain America: Civil War is currently filming in Atlanta. We also know the Russo brothers are working on it. What we don’t know is if these closeups are actually movie props. The photos began appearing on a Twitter account labeled “Russo Brothers” a few days ago, and among the account’s followers are a member of Marvel’s casting department, a confirmed production assistant on the film, and Ryan Stankevitch, VP of global marketing for Disney. Ryan was the fifth person to follow the account.

Given the evidence, it looks likely these photos are legit, but we’ll refrain from blatantly saying so for now. Here’s what they’ve been posting….

civil war

A hard metal chair, like the kind a supervillain might recline in.

civil war

Part of the title on a book cover or a plaque or some other kind of embossed surface. Ant-Man’s post-credits sequence mentioned something called “The Sokovia Accords” that involved the disappearance of Tony Stark.

civil war

Who knows? It must be part of a costume, but whose?

civil war

And finally, this shot of a suit that looks very….very….Spider-Mannish. HMM. Or it could just be a basketball.

What could the items really be? We will know soon enough!

[Source: Polygon]