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There’s Already A Trailer For Infinity Train Book 2

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When Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis suggested there’d be something interesting about his series revealed on November 22, we weren’t sure what to expect. He pointed out that, canonically, November 22, 2019 was the exact date that Tulip ventured into the woods and came across the train:

On that fateful day (today, for those keeping track), Cartoon Network tweeted THIS:

What was that momentary flash? It was exactly what you thought it was….

Deer? What does Deer mean? Perhaps it’s the key to solving the puzzle that just went up on cartoonnetwork.com/infinity train. You could spend a few minutes struggling with that puzzle, or you could just hit this link and find out what’s hidden behind it instantly.

The end result, behind all these walls, is a 120-second trailer for Season 2 filled with clips from throughout the season, revealing Book 2 was farther along than anyone suspected. One theory about the future of the series was confirmed, namely that


….each “book” would feature a different protagonist. Tulip IS back, though….but not quite the same Tulip. You’ll see what we mean. Also, there is certainly a deer involved.

Not only do we not know when this nearly-complete season will make its appearance (the trailer says “coming soon”), we can’t even say for certain which medium it will be delivered through. Infinity Train was spotted on the prototype menu for WB’s HBO Max venture, but they haven’t officially declared the show is moving there. The Cartoon Network logo appears at the end, so that could mean it’s staying a CN original….or not? It’s all so confusing.

Infinity Train Book 2 premieres sometime next year on a TV.