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There’s Already A Second Trailer For Pacific Rim: The Black

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It was just a few days ago that we got our first trailer from Netflix for Pacific Rim: The Black, the anime based on the mecha franchise. That trailer consisted of just one little scene, with the promise of more on the way. We wanted more information, and that took less time than we figured…Trailer #2 is already here. Thanks to the expanded version, we now have a complete idea of what the show is about.

For years, mankind has been waging war with the invading Kaiju using fearsome and technologically wondrous battle mechs to drive them back home or kill them (whichever works). For the most part, mankind has been winning…except in Australia where the Kaiju completely took over and wrecked everything. As if the normal animals down there weren’t dangerous enough.

It’s in this setting that we meet Taylor and Haley, two siblings who don’t seem like they come from Australia at all (no accents, no nothing). They’ve been living in ramshackle slums ever since the Kaiju wrecked Aussie civilization. Their parents have gone missing and they’ve been forced to hunt and gather for themselves to survive. Nothing seems to be going their way…until the day Haley stumbles into a secret storage facility for a fully operational Jaeger.

The mech needs two pilots to operate, and Taylor and Haley fit the bill. Now they can get revenge against the Kaiju, beat them back down, and possibly even figure out where their parents have run off to. Will they succeed? Depends on how long Netflix lets the series live.

Pacific Rim: The Black has been in the world for two years. It comes to us from Marvel comics writer Craig Kyle and Marvel animation writer Greg Johnson. Polygon Pictures is providing the pseudo-CG animation. The first season hits Netflix March 4.