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There’s A Disney Character Brawler Coming, But Not The Kind You Expect

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These days it seems like every big corporation with a library of bankable IP wants to get their own Smash Bros clone, and so when we heard a game was coming that had assorted Disney characters fighting, we figured the inevitable day had arrived. But it turns out it’s not quite here yet.

Disney Melee Mania, announced today for Apple Arcade, is not a Smash clone. Rather, it’s more of a MOBA-style 3-on-3 match thingamajig. The action takes place from an overhead perspective, and your team wins by defeating the opponents more times than they defeat you within a time limit, or by scoring the most points. Each match lasts five minutes.

So it’s nothing like Smash…except for one element, and that’s the random gathering of characters from across the Disney-Pixar multiverse. Whom you can play as from a specific movie won’t always be the main character of that movie. Through the screenshots and trailer we spotted Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Elsa, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozone, Moana, Timon, Jasmine, Bing Bong, Buzz Lightyear and Maleficent. Disney Melee Mania will launch with twelve characters, with more to gradually be added over time.

While Disney Melee Mania is a mobile title, it’s also part of a subscription service and will not be pestering you for cash nor bombarding you with ads. That also means, however, that only folks with Apple Arcade are going to be playing the thing, and that’s far from everybody.

If it’s more of a Smash-like experience you were hoping for, well, there are plenty of those, just from other companies. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was just released by GameMill (and it’s probably on sale!) Warner Bros is allegedly working on Multiversus, a four-player brawler starring characters from their library.

Disney Melee Mania will be available on Apple Arcade starting sometime in December. Apple’s mobile gaming service is $5 a month.