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There Will Be Another Animated Ghostbusters Cartoon


Live-action movie revivals and reboots are all well and good, but when are the true Ghostbusters coming back? You know….the REAL ones?

Excellent news came out of Netflix today (and it needs it). Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan, who produced and directed Ghostbusters: Afterlife, are now working on a new animated Ghostbusters series. The pair will serve as executive producers and the series will be produced through Sony Pictures Animation (since DIC is kind of dead).

And that’s about all the info there is at the moment, so we’ll have to fill the required SEO time by discussing the history of Ghostbusters in animation. Sony started developing an animated version of their hit movie shortly after it came out. Due to a trademark technicality, however, Filmation owned the word “Ghostbusters” and was allowed to create a rival series using that name, as long as they based it on their 1975 live-action show. In response, Sony named their version “The REAL Ghostbusters” and the two faced off in the fall of 1986.

Due to its dubious quality, Filmation’s Ghostbusters would only last one season, while The Real Ghostbusters would live for seven (six on Saturday Morning, one in syndication). Over 130 episodes were made, and with future Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Strcazynski as showrunner, the first half of them managed to rise above the 80s hackjobs they shared airtime with and are regarded as classics. The series would decline once Strcazynski left and child psychologists attempted to dumb it down, but overall, Real Ghostbusters was a firecracker of a show.

In 1997 a new series, Extreme Ghostbusters, was produced for syndication during a time when DIC was reviving all its 80s cartoons with edgy 90s makeovers. It used the same continuity as the original, but set things years later. With an almost entirely new cast (and teenagers at that) this could have gone completely wrong, but the new protagonists were likeable enough that it fortunately managed to work. Kylie Griffin maintains a rabid fanbase to this day.

We don’t know at this time if the new cartoon will revive the original gang of Venkman, Stantler, Zeddmore and Stantz (we would prefer this option), use the characters from the most recent movie, or strike its own continuity. We’ll bring you more info about the Ghostbusters’ return to animation as we get it!