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There Is Somehow A Trailer For “Season 3” Of Cleopatra In Space

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Cleopatra In Space was originally intended to premiere on a cable network, but was scooped up by NBC’s Peacock service…and since Peacock took quite a while to launch, the US didn’t see a trace of the show until last April. At that point the series had already aired everywhere else in the world.

Because of this, and the crucial lack of US viewers (and support resulting from that) when the show was in production, it seems unlikely there will ever be more than the 26 episodes already made…two seasons, basically. This recent tweet from staff artist Wei Li, who refers to the series in the past tense and remarks that it “never took off,” seems to confirm that.

Then this morning a trailer for a third season appeared out of nowhere. Fully voiced, fully colored, ready to go in mere hours (launch date for the season is January 14). Whah?

The trailer (and the news accompanying it) were given exclusively to the website iO9, which apparently is barely aware of any of this — no explanation is given for how there could be a Season 3, or if the show had somehow been renewed without any announcement, or what. We had to do some digging to figure out what was going on here.

So….Peacock sliced Season 1 into two halves and released them in April and July respectively, and referred to both as Season 1. Then they sliced Season 2 in half, posted the first six episodes last November, and for some reason are treating the remaining episodes as a different season, calling it “Season 3.” Makes no sense, but nothing about the show’s treatment in the US has. Sorry to everyone who thought this was real.

However, it’s still not COMPLETELY the full run. There was one episode Peacock removed from the lineup entirely because Cleo gets sick in it and they were worried about the association with the pandemic (oh, you guys). Perhaps in the distant future when COVID-19 is finally behind us, they’ll put it back in….and refer to that one lost episode as “Season 4.”