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The World Next Door Is Coming March 28

the world next door

Is Viz Media, distributors of Japan’s finest entertainment, venturing into its own? That’s what it looks like, and the result is about to hit next month on a game-playing device near you. What’s so intriguing about The World Next Door?

Jun can hardly believe it. She’s won the lottery and gained permission to enter the portal to the magical world of Embrys. The portal only opens once every two decades and only a privileged few get to experience the city. But Jun, the rebellious 17-year-old that she is, wants to see more. So she winds up venturing into trouble….trouble YOU have to get her out of, even though it’s her fault and not yours.

The World Next Door is a collaboration between Viz Media and Rose City Games, an indie studio located in Portland, the greatest city in the world (just don’t move there or you’ll drive up apartment prices even further). Long in development, it is a narrative-driven action-adventure game with puzzle elements. By learning how to activate runes and cast powerful spells, Jun may pull herself out of this predicament yet.

Check out The World Next Door when it arrives March 28 for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. And check out this trailer as well…