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The World Ends With You Gets New Trademark By Square Enix

The World Ends With You

The story of The World Ends With You as a gaming franchise is quite a unique one. It was published by Square Enix via developer Jupiter for the DS back in 2007. While not a financial hit, it was a highly praised game by critics and quickly became a cult-classic title. So much so that many fans were trying to get a sequel made. The game was even featured in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, making it the only Square Enix franchise outside of Final Fantasy to appear in the series.

Then, when the Nintendo Switch came out, The World Ends With You Final Remix arrived, and brought a tease of what the next step in the franchise might be in the game sold well. Fast-forward to now, and Square Enix has filed for a new trademark on TWEWY.

As for the reference above about Anime Expo Lite. The online virtual con revealed some brand new art that contained the characters from the game, and that struck many as odd as the game hadn’t had any reason to be at an anime expo of any kind because it’s not an anime…yet.

So between this and the trademark, many are wondering just what Square Enix has planned for gamers as a whole. Could it be that The World Ends With You is going to get the anime treatment in order to keep the franchise going? Or, will fans finally get the sequel that they’ve been wanting for over a decade? It’s hard to say at present.

Either pay would likely be welcome to fans who just want the franchise to live on. The World Ends With You is a very unique franchise with a special world, gaming system, and story that is honestly unlike many Square Enix games and RPGs in general. So any way that the series can continue will no doubt be appreciated.