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The World Ends With You Anime Gets Opening Song Change

The World Ends With You

In the world we live in right now, one should almost expect controversial things to happen in the weirdest and most unexpected of places. Because that’s where they come from just as much as the big and expected of places. Take for example The World Ends With You. The cult-classic video game is not just getting a sequel this July, but it has just released the first episode of an anime adaptation of its legendary story. But at the last minute, something big had to be changed…its opening theme song.

The original opening theme was done by a Japanese group called “Teenage City Riot”, however, not long before the anime debuted, the drummer for the band got arrested. The reasoning for this is not yet known, but apparently, it was enough for The World Ends With You team to go and make a big change with its opening theme, and they posted about it on Twitter.

As the tweet revealed, the new opening theme is going to be a modified version of “Calling”, a track that was in the original game and has been remixed for the anime. This in a way makes it a bit more poetic because it’s further tying the anime and the game inspiration together.

For those who don’t know, The World Ends With You is a story about a young man named Neku. Neku is trapped in something called a “Reaper’s Game” in the “underworld” of Japan and he has 7 days to try and get out of it and figure out all that’s going on. The story goes much deeper than that, trust us, and we won’t spoil it as the anime is a direct adaptation of it.

With the anime going on now, and the sequel game coming out in July, there’s a lot to be excited for if you’re a fan of the franchise.