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The World Ends With You Anime Gets New Trailer

The World Ends With You

Square Enix has had all sorts of special properties come to life over the years, but without a doubt one of the biggest fan favorites is that of The World Ends With You. The game that was developed by Jupiter had a very unique premise in terms of the world of the “Reaper’s Game” and how players could win it to get their lives back. The original title was brought onto the Nintendo DS many years ago, but has been ported to several other systems, including a Final Remix reversion for the Nintendo Switch. And now, it’s getting an anime.

The anime is a faithful recreation of the game, and Square Enix has shown off a new trailer for it to help prove that fact. We see all of the main characters are work here including Neku, Shiki, Beat and Rhyme, Joshua, Kat, and of course, many of the Reapers who are aiming to erase players.

The style of The World Ends With You in regards to the anime is also very faithful to the games, and no doubt is aiming to nail the style so that players will feel a true connection with it no matter how long they’ve been a fan of the franchise.

As if that wasn’t enough, Square Enix also announced that there will indeed finally be a sequel to the game. It’s called Neo: The World Ends With You, and it’ll arrive on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021. And based off the trailer, it will tie into what happened in the Final Remix storyline of the original game while also delving into new characters and a new perspective in regards to gameplay and exploration.

So if you’re a fan of the franchise, you have a lot to be looking forward to, and things are only just getting started.