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The Wonderful 101 Returns, Thanks To Kickstarter

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The Wonderful 101 was one of the launch titles for the Wii U. It was a rather unique action-adventure game where you controlled a horde of superheroes simultaneously from an overhead perspective. You mission: defeat alien invaders using the heroes’ abilities to collectively morph into a variety of objects. Those who got the chance to play the game sung its praises, but The Wonderful 101 never truly caught on, mainly due to the whole “Wii U Exclusive” thing.

Fans of the original game have been wondering if The Wonderful 101 would ever make the jump to Switch. That’s the same thing Platinum Games has been wondering. Last week a rumor broke that the studio had been trying for months to pitch various publishers on a rerelease for the game, but none were interested, including Nintendo. The source of the rumor also stated that Kickstarter would be Platinum’s last resort, and that the campaign would launch on Monday. It turned out to be true.

And now all those publishers are probably kicking themselves over rejecting the remaster (except Nintendo who is too rich to care). The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter launched this morning and set a goal of $50,010 for a release on Switch. It smashed through that goal in one hour and is speeding toward its next target, a Playstation 4 version at $500,000. (One previous stretch goal, a Steam version at $250,000, was met as I was typing this.)

Odds are good the PS4 goal will be met in the next hour or so, and from there…who knows. Future stretch goals are blurred out for the time being. You can get a copy of The Wonderful 101 Remastered for as little as a $36 pledge (digital). A physical edition takes a $41 pledge. Higher tiers grant you goodies like the soundtrack, a keychain, a comic book and more.

The exact delivery date for The Wonderful 101 Remastered is listed on the page as April 2020, which doesn’t sound realistic to us even for a completed game that’s just getting a port. We don’t expect it this spring, but sometime within the year.