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The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf Team Intended To Have Vesemir Be Very Good-Looking

The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf

The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf is many things to the Witcher franchise which is growing quite large on Netflix. First, it’s a prequel anime to the main story which will be airing its second season in December. Second, it tells the tale of what happened to the Witchers to make them all but extinct. Finally, and most importantly, it reveals to us the mentor of Geralt of Rivia via Vesemir, and shows us just how different the two are.

One of the things that many will note is that while both are competent Witchers, their looks are vastly different beyond the standard “two different characters” formula. But as Kwang Il Han, the director and co-executive producer of the prequel movie, noted to Syfy Wire, there was more to it than just making a different looking character.

“I imagined Vesemir in his current status, which is an old man, but then this is a story about a young Vesemir,” Han shared. “[He] shouldn’t be too handsome, but he had to be quite good-looking and appealing because he’s the main character.”

Not just that, his looks had to play off of his character, who is a bit more charming than Geralt is known to be:

“The idea for Vesemir came from looking at how he interacts with Ciri in the books and in the video games as an older man. There’s a playfulness there. There’s a bit of a mischievous quality to him. And I kind of looked at that and went, ‘What was this guy like in his early 20s?'” Beau DeMayo, a producer, shared. “In backward engineering that, I came to this idea that he could have been a very swashbuckling, kind of a braggart, casanova, charismatic character.”

People were very much enamored with Vesemir in the film, so clearly his tactic worked. The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf is available to watch now on Netflix.