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The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Gets Logo Reveal

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

There have been a lot of hits for Netflix in the last year or so that are driving even more people to the platform. One of the hits that definitely surprised many was The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The show based on the books (and the hit games of the same name) took fans into a deep fantasy and magical world and left them wanting more by the time it was done. Season 2 is in production now, as is a prequel series and…an anime in the form of The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf.

Details are a bit scarce on this anime, but we do know that it is coming, it will feature the cast of the live-action show in some capacity, and now, we have the official logo for the show. It was posted on the official Twitter account for The Witcher and showcases how sometimes a surprise isn’t a surprise…

To be fair, the logo for The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf isn’t exactly the most eye-catching thing ever, but it’s something to get fans excited because many are wondering just how this will all play out. The writer for the anime, Beau DeMayo noted that the anime is 100% canon, which means that there could be elements from it that are spoken of in Season 2 or future seasons and thus could play a role in things to come.

Plus, if it is successful then there’s a chance it could lead to more animated adventures for Geralt and more of the cast. It just depends on how it’s received.

Many are hoping that The Witcher Season 2 gets a trailer or teaser soon as well. The first season was generally well-liked but it did have some issues like a confusing timeline of events as they were shown. But Season 2 apparently will be much more streamlined and is likely to arrive in 2021.