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The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf Film Gets Official Trailer

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The Witcher franchise was already a major franchise due to its successful run of video games by CD Projekt Red. However, now that Netflix has made a live-action series starring Henry Cavill that’ll air its second season hopefully soon, the franchise has gotten even bigger. And to capitalize on that, Netflix went and made a prequel movie for the franchise in anime form via The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf. Which aims to tell a special story that expands upon what we know from the main series.

This time, we’re not following Geralt of Rivia, but his mentor Vesemir. And as the official trailer below shows, he’s a bit more cavalier than Geralt is. He loves the bounties and the party element of being a Witcher, even if his journey is about to take a very serious turn for the worst.

Because according to this trailer, a great darkness is coming, and all the Witchers, as well as all of man, is in danger.

There are multiple things you can take note of here. Not the least of which was that they stayed true to the anime nature of a certain other anime series Netflix brought forth via Castlevania. There’s plenty of blood, gore, scary moments, more than likely lots of swearing, one love scene, and more.

Second, the plot here seems to underlay that someone is framing The Witchers for the monster attacks, which is a nice twist on the “toss a coin to your Witcher” premise.

All of this is only going to make the wait for The Witcher Season 2 feel even longer as Vesemir might just appear in live-action form in the long-awaited season. And how he and Geralt will “get along” is anyone’s guess at this point.

What we DO know though is that The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf will arrive on Netflix on August 23rd.