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The Venture Bros Season 7 Begins August 5


When will the Venture Brothers, and all that has to do with them, be returning? Looks like we finally know the answer to that question…how does August 5 sound?

If you’re a fan, then you’ve surely learned the virtue of patience by now. Creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick take their sweet time crafting each season, with wait times lasting up to three years. And for those 1,095 days of waiting (1,096 if a Leap Year is involved), you get between eight and ten episodes. Then the waiting starts again.

If you ask any Venture watcher, though, they will tell you the wait is worth it. The Venture Bros. remains one of the most well-put-together cartoons running today. The number of characters and intricacies of the lore may require a refresher in the form of DVD and Blu-Ray marathons — something I always swear to do prior to the latest season, yet fail to accomplish.

Last time, things ended on a nail-biting and thrilling cliffhanger! …..actually, they just kinda ended. Rumor is that Doc and Jackson thought they had more episodes to work with than AS actually ordered. Whatever the real story is, here’s one new clip. Go Team Venture!

The Venture Bros. returns August 5 at midnight on Adult Swim.