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The Two Stargirls


It doesn’t happen often, but two television projects are about to hit that use the exact same name. One is Stargirl, WB’s comic adaption that will debut on The CW and the DC Universe streaming service this spring. The other is also Stargirl, a TV movie produced for Disney+ that will ALSO appear in the spring.

We’ve known both projects were in development for some time….we just didn’t know when either of them would show up. Today the Stargirl movie was given a release date of March 13, 2020. This means, in a freak coincidence, both Stargirls are colliding in the same spot at the same time, resulting in a cosmic supernova that will kill us all.

So here’s how one tells them apart. The Disney+ Stargirl comes from a YA novel published in 2000. She’s the new student in a drab Arizona school that values conformity above all else. But that just isn’t the Stargirl way! Sometimes you just gotta dress garishly, strum a ukelele and sing to random people, ya know? Stargirl upends the social structure, inspires the community with her infectious MPDG energy, and falls in love with Leo, the original novel’s narrator. The book was followed up years later with “Love Stargirl,” which chronicled her further adventures in her own words.

The CW Stargirl is also a perky teenager, but has a magic staff instead of a ukelele, and instead of singing she beats people up with it. Courtney was chosen by the staff to reprise the role of Starman, a retired superhero whom she is now related to (by marriage). Her stepfather was Starman’s sidekick Stripesy (yes, Stripesy), and since there’s no arguing with the staff, he decides to teach her the ways of crimefighting.

Those are the two Stargirls you’ll be seeing on television this coming Easter. Will they meet and fight? Will they sue each other? Tune in and find out!