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The Trailer Is Out For The Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers Movie

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If you’re not currently experiencing it, gang, you soon will: someday, everything you enjoyed from your childhood will be reheated and served as a contemporary update, with varying results. When it happens, you may want to gripe, but my suggestion is to just go with it, because what comes AFTER that is you get so old that not even your nostalgia matters anymore, and that’s incredibly depressing.

Since I only have so many 90s revivals to enjoy before people start saying “The 90s? That’s for OLD FOGIES,” I figure I better find something to like about this Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers movie Disney has been preparing. I was not expecting to….actually like it.

Turns out the movie is a LOT more fourth-wall heavy than what you normally get from this studio, and the trailer alone is packed with jabs at the Hollywood system and the dumbest trends of the last 30 years (the scene about bad CGI is hysterical). We could be looking at the next Josie and the Pussycats, people. I’m into it!

The setting is present day. After their meteoric rise and success with T-shirts and lunchboxes, the Rangers went their separate ways a long time ago. Chip is now a suburb-dwelling insurance salesman, while Dale is clinging to his last shred of relevancy any way he can, living off fan convention appearances. Then some Disney executive gets the idea to make a Rescue Rangers reboot. Dale’s for it, Chip is not. We don’t know what happens from there but it seems to involve a trip through a sewer.

Chip and Dale are voiced by John Mulaney and Andy Samberg respectively, and their voice tracks are not pitched up to chipmunk level. Some people are probably going to gripe about that, but it fits this kind of story, where they’re completely different than they are on television. What’s interesting is the choice to depict most of them as their original line-drawn selves (albeit with cel-shading)…with the exception of Dale, who went in for “CG surgery” and looks full 3D.

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers also seems to take place in the Roger Rabbit world, to the point that Roger himself shows up. This means a lot of cameos, and not all of them will be from Disney properties (they’re riding the My Little Pony cast in one shot). Sometimes some revivals slip through the cracks, but these two gumshoes deserve attention. I feel the fizz of Koo-Koo Cola! I can’t wait ’til May 20, when the movie premieres on Disney+.