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The Trailer For Castlevania’s Fourth Season Is Out


Earlier this month Netflix announced the fourth season of their Castlevania anime would be its last. It’s a secret that was apparently known by the writers long before its official confirmation, as the trailer released today sure feels like a final climax.

The trailer shows off just how much the animation has improved from Season One, with dynamic angles and fiery explosions aplenty. Trevor and Sypha have heard that a sinister group is planning a resurrection, though no one is aware of whom. Trevor just sighs and says “Let me guess.”

Any follower of the video game series this anime is based on knows Dracula never stays dead. His castle rises every hundred years and a new Belmont descendant enters it to put him back in the coffin again. Sometimes, though, Vlad returns earlier if specifically summoned, which is what they’re trying to do here. And if the last few moments of the trailer aren’t from a dream, they succeed.


The Castlevania anime was originally based around the third game, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. The characters in the series — Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s rebellious son Alucard — were all introduced in that game. But its storyline concluded by the end of Season 2, so Season 3 was more loose, cherry-picking elements from other Castlevania games to weave its narrative. Season 4 will also be following its own path.

Somehow Castlevania has managed to constantly be in the news this week…this trailer was coincidentally released the same day that Limited Run Games revealed its gigantic Collector’s Edition Castlevania Collection that contains posters, replicas of the packaging for the games, a shadow box that plays music, and way too much more. It also comes two days after the leak of a prototype for what would have been the Dreamcast Castlevania, starring Sonia Belmont (a character that was used in a Game Boy game and later stricken from official canon).

This isn’t the end of Castlevania on Netflix. The same creative team is now working on a different series set in the same world. This particular story, however, wraps up on May 13.