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The Survivalists Arrive – With Monkeys – In 2020


Let’s see, you are stranded on an island and have food [check], water [check], building materials [check], monkeys [check]….wait a minute. What you have there is “The Survivalists” – a game due to be released in 2020.


“The Survivalists” is based in “The Escapist” prison break universe – so, essentially an island prison – where you must collect food, water, build a shelter/fort [as the case may be] and train monkeys to do your bidding…until they turn on you – or not, perhaps you have trained them properly to be nice monkeys and not jump on beds.


Along the way to survival on the island, there are wild animals [boars] to fend off and looting temples as an option you can choose to engage in. But always remember, you have monkeys…