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The Surge 2 Releases In September


When is the Surge 2 coming out? What will it be like?

Focus Home Interactive and developer Deck13 announce The Surge 2 . The sequel to the hit hardcore action RPG The Surge will be released on September 24, 2019 for PlayStation®4 and the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X in the trade. 

In The Surge 2 , players wake up after an enigmatic storm in a deserted prison in the heart of Jericho City . Armored soldiers have enforced martial law, robots are running amok, and a dark, ever-growing nanostructure is brewing over the city …
In order to survive in this dystopian world, players explore the vast, wrecked city and compete in merciless battles against dreadful opponents who can be purposefully separated with some skillful pieces of equipment. The Surge 2offers a huge weapon and armor arsenal. Skills, implants and drones that customize the game character to meet a challenging world of hidden secrets complete the package. 
The Surge 2 Features:

  • Brutal, uncompromising close combat
  • Deadly enemies and giant bosses
  • Separate the equipment from the enemy
  • Extensive character development with numerous customization options