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The Snoopy Show Arrives February 5 On Apple TV

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As we’ve brought up in the past, Apple now holds TV rights to the Peanuts characters..but usually when the subject comes up it’s for negative reasons. Apple has chosen to be rather strict in its stewardship, yanking all Peanuts specials off regular broadcast including the iconic holiday trilogy that had run intact since the 70s. It took a thrashing on social media for Apple to relent even a little bit and allow Charlie Brown Christmas to air precisely one time on PBS.

But Apple controlling the Peanuts license also means we get new content with the characters, much more than we would have had if ABC still held the rights. Two cosmos-related specials debuted on the service last year (Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10 and Snoopy in Space), and the first full-fledged Peanuts series since This Is America Charlie Brown is about to make its debut: The Snoopy Show.

Each episode of The Snoopy Show features three cartoons depicting CB’s beagle in one of his many alter egos: the World War I Flying Ace, Joe Cool, the Masked Marvel and others. The human members of the Peanuts cast will stop by, but this is mainly Snoopy’s time to shine (and to a lesser extent Woodstock’s).

The Snoopy Show was written by Miles Smith, Laurie Elliott and Craig Brown, directed by Rob Boutilier, and executive produced by Josh Scherba, Anne Loi, Stephanie Betts, Paige Braddock, Craig Schulz and Mark Evestaff. You can watch it starting February 5 on Apple TV.* If you don’t have Apple TV, you get the voice of Thurl Ravenscroft bellowing “NO DOGS ALLOOOOOOOOWED.”

*Technically, the name is Apple TV+, but nobody notices the plus sign. Nonetheless, after this and Disney+ the nation’s movie studios got it in their heads that it was impossible for a streaming service to succeed if it didn’t have a + at the end of its name, ignoring the fact that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime seem to be doing just fine without mathematical symbols.