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The “Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin” Trailer Pulls On All The Heartstrings


Apple TV+ has just dropped the trailer for the next Peanuts special. Titled “Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin”, the special focuses on the character Franklin, as he finds himself the new kid in town (and struggling to make friends). The boy eventually makes a connection with the equally awkward Charlie Brown, as the two join forces to work on a Soap Box Derby car.

The character of Franklin was first added to the “Peanuts” comic strip in 1968, shortly after the assassination of Martin Luthor King Jr, when Peanuts creator Charles Schultz received a letter from school teacher Harriet Glickman, who urged Schultz to add a Black character to the Peanuts universe, to make the strip more racially integrated. Schultz obliged, and the character Franklin first appeared in the comic strip on July 31st, 1968 (in a beach scene largely mirrored in the trailer for the special).

The special was co-written by Robb Armstrong (the creator of the “Jumpstart” comic strip), along with Craig and Bryan Schultz (the son and grandson of Charles Schultz), and by “The Peanuts Movie” executive producer Cornelius Uliano. The two Schultz’s and Uliano were also responsible for writing 2015’s “The Peanut Movie”.

Here is the full trailer (warning: AnimeSuperhero is not responsible for eyes watering):

This marks the 6th Peanuts special to be released on the Apple TV+ Streaming service since 2021 (since Apple acquired the rights to the Peanuts franchise). Many of the specials have focused on different characters of the cast, such as “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown”, which focused on Charlie Brown’s sister Sally, while “To Mom (and Dad), With Love” focused on Peppermint Patty. Wildbrain Studios is also reportedly beginning production for a new full length “Peanuts” theatrical film, anticipated for release on Apple TV+ in 2025. The story will supposedly revolve around Charlie Brown and his friends on a trip exploring a big city (a change of pace from the usual adventures around their traditional picturesque town).

Look for “Welcome Home, Franklin” to premiere on Apple TV+ on February 16th.

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