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The Rumors Are True: Carmen Sandiego Is Going Straight

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When Netflix announced a new Carmen Sandiego series was in development early last year, the details included one curious statement: the main character would be Carmen herself. In all other incarnations, computer game or otherwise, the protagonist is usually a “gumshoe” charged with locating Carmen through extensive knowledge of geography, with the aim of stopping her. Because Carmen is a villain.

Whelp, not anymore! You read it here first: Carmen Sandiego has a heart now! The new trailer released by Netflix today confirms it.

Carmen trains at V.I.L.E., a secret school for thieves, and graduates to the top of their class until she becomes aware of what V.I.L.E.’s actions are doing to others. Deciding she’s the only one who can stop them, Carmen secretly reforms and works against V.I.L.E. from the inside, stealing back the valuable items and artifacts the organization steals themselves.

Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) provides the voice of Carmen in the new series, with Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) playing her backup assistant Player. Running the show is Duane Capizzi, who was responsible for the Men in Black cartoon and Kids WB’s “The Batman.” All 20 episodes of Season 1 premiere January 18.

Netflix also has a live-action Carmen Sandiego series in development, and it also stars Rodriguez as the titular character.