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The Rock Confirms Start Date For Black Adam Film

Black Adam

It would appear as though the DC Comics movie universe is getting back on track in a big way. The recent successes of Aquaman, Shazam, and Joker are getting people hyped for their films again, and now, we know another long-gestating film that will go into production soon: Black Adam.

The character has been slated for a movie appearance in the DCEU for a long time, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been slated to be the character for many years. But, because of his schedule, he has never had the time to commit to the role. But via a Twitter post, Johnson has confirmed that production for Black Adam will begin in July 2020.

The purposed plan at present is that Adam will get his own movie, Shazam 2 will deal with Sivana and Mr. Mind teaming up (with that maybe starting in 2020 as well) and then Shazam 3 will have the long awaited live-action clash between these two legendary DC Comics figures. Time will tell though.