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The Rise Of Skywalker Gets Lower Box Office Total Than Last Jedi

The Rise Of Skywalker

There were two major questions going into the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker, the first questions was, “What would the film do to tie up all plot points?”, and the other was, “How much will it make at the box office?” Many were expecting the film to do last than The Last Jedi based on how that film was received by fans, and sure enough, the film has gotten a lesser total by a large margin.

According to reports (which will likely be adjusted on Monday), The Rise of Skywalker earned about $175 million dollars domestically, and $376 in total worldwide. In comparison, when The Last Jedi came into theaters, it earned $220 million dollars domestically, and had a bigger worldwide output to start. And if you’re curious, The Force Awakens did $248 million in its opening weekend at the box office domestically.

On one hand, this is the third-biggest opening of a film in December in history (behind the other two Star Wars films obviously), but, it had a much smaller opening compared to the others. What’s more, there’s a question of its longevity. For while it has no real competition in the box office for the next month or so, reviews of The Rise of Skywalker between fans and critics have been very mixed. Worldwide reception also hasn’t been too kind.

In China, the film earned less than 6 million in its opening two days, much less than the other Star Wars films that opened there (outside of Solo which also did bad), basically making it a bomb in the country.

And while it’s true that it’s not the only market to consider here, one must wonder if the film will break $1 billion dollars like its two predecessors (and Rogue One) did. The next few weekends will be critical to its box office total.


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