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The Rise Of Skywalker Gets Brutal Honest Trailer

The Rise Of Skywalker Review

The circle may not be complete, but when it comes to the Star Wars franchise in terms of the “sequel trilogy”, the jury is still very much out in regards to how good it is, and isn’t. The debate about The Last Jedi continues to this day, and with last years The Rise of Skywalker things…didn’t get much better. But if you’re looking to find out just what your true feelings are on it…perhaps an Honest Trailer is exactly what you need.

For those who don’t know, the Honest Trailers series is a Youtube channel that delves into the movies and video games of today and the past and tells you in brutal honesty about whether they were good or not. They hold nothing back, picking apart characters, storylines, movie effects, and more, and with The Rise of Skywalker…they REALLY didn’t hold back.

How so? Well, they delve into the fact that JJ. Abrams has a terrible history of “sticking the landing” which he has proven with Lost, Star Trek, and more, Not to mention that he and Disney decided to ignore pretty much everything about The Last Jedi (done by different Director Rian Johnson) and just go with what they thought were the best parts of the series.

Furthermore, despite being a “different trilogy”, they bring back Palpatine and do a lot of the same beats as previous episodes of the franchise and even have him relive what he did in The Last Jedi with trying to get Rey to strike him down so he can ascend and she can be a Sith.

The side characters? Barely expanded upon. The original characters? Made to feel relevant. Rose from The Last Jedi? Ignored. Kylo Ren, follows the “standard” of the Skywalker family. And Rey? She’s basically stolen Luke Skywalkers life!

Oh and lets not forget that several “key parts” of the story were explained AFTER the movie came out via tie-in novels, novelizations of the movie, and a speech shown in Fortnite…and only there. No, not joking.

So jump into the honesty and brutality and try to defend a movie that tried so hard not to fail…that it basically failed anyway. Eh, it happens. And let this honest trailer let you release that all we really have right now in good Star Wars content is Clone Wars Season 7 and the Mandalorian. Enjoy!