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The Remastered Verdun Debuts On PS4


Originally released four years ago, the remastered version of the World War I first-person shooter “Verdun” has debuted for PlayStation 4.


While it may not be the cheerful and happy holiday gaming fare typically released at this time of year, the remastered version of “Verdun” boasts a few features worthy of giving it a look-see. First and foremost is the inclusion of the Senegalese Tirailleurs as a new squad for fighting on the Western Front – in the actual war, the Tirailleurs were added to the Western Front and distinguished themselves in several battles during the war. Also added as a new squad are the ANZAC’s [Australian and New Zealand Army Corps], who also performed admirably in several battles of the war.


Notable other additions to the remastered “Verdun: game are theĀ  St. Mihiel map, new weapons – chiefly the Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver – and AI soldiers to fight both against and with you in the Frontlines mode.


As before, there will be four modes – Attrition Warfare, Frontlines, Squad Defense and Rifle Deathmatch – where teams of up to 32 [per team] can attack each other in the typical WWI trench warfare style. Squad Defense is a defense battle against AI soldiers while Rifle Deathmatch is essentially a free-for-all against others armed only with rifles [with some add-ons]. Perhaps the most glaring improvements will be observed in the enhanced graphics and user interfaces in all these modes.