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The Powerpuff Girls Are Getting A Reboot — A Proper One This Time


By this point, hearing that Warner Bros wants to do something with the Powerpuff Girls again sets our teeth on edge. The franchise has been mangled and mutilated by their unfit owners ever since the Puffs’ creator (not Professor Utonium) left to do other things.

In 2016 Cartoon Network introduced a “new” take on the Powerpuff Girls from other people that was universally despised. After that left the air, there were rumblings of a live-action show starring Quake from Agents of Shield and written by Diablo Cody. No one expected anything good, but a leaked script confirmed it was far worse than anyone imagined. The CW still claims it’s “in development” but…yeah right, we’ll see Ugly Sonic get his own entire movie before that shows up.

So now they want to take a third crack at this. But….we have good news this time. This is an ACTUAL reboot. It has the involvement of Craig McCracken himself. Months ago it was revealed that McCracken had returned to CN after the short-lived (and excellent) Kid Cosmic, and now we know what he was working on.

And there’s more! McCracken is ALSO working on the return of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends! But here, you may want to temper your expectations a bit — the Foster’s reboot is described as “preschool-aged” which means it may not be as enjoyable or as smart as the original. Bloo probably won’t be allowed to be a selfish brat, which takes a lot away.

“The Hanna-Barbera homecoming of Craig was an opportunity we could not pass up,” said Sam Register, President of Cartoon Network Studios, in a statement. “Along with his unparalleled sense of fun and imagination, he’s bringing two of his greatest works in The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and we are so excited for these characters to be a part of the new legacy taking shape at the studio.”

Once again, the day is saved! But those girls sure took a while answering the call this time. It’s not mentioned where these shows are showing up, but an easy bet would be HBO Max and/or Cartoon Network.