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The Playstation 5 Will Be Even Harder To Find Than Originally Thought

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We figured tracking down a Playstation 5 this holiday season wouldn’t be easy, but it turns out it’ll be much harder than originally reported. Sony’s initial announcement for the PS5 promised fifteen million units would be out there by the end of 2020. But a news item from Bloomberg casts doubt on that number.

So what’s the deal? It has to do with the scarcity of the main chip that powers the processor…they’ve only managed to produce half of the stock they thought they’d have by this point. Production has stabilized and will soon ramp up, but there’s no time to completely make up the difference. The result is a new forecast of just eleven million PS5s, not fifteen.

Sony may clarify the situation during their big reveal event, scheduled for this Wednesday. It’s expected that both the launch date and the price of the Playstation 5 will be revealed on September 16, along with more information about launch titles. Rumor has it Sony will respond to the cheap $299 model of the XBox Series X by undercutting the price of their larger model, so that the beefier PS5 would cost $449, as opposed to Microsoft’s $499 Series X. We hope this is true.

If you can’t track down a Playstation 5 OR an XBox Series Whatever, there’s no need to worry (unless this is a holiday movie and your child’s belief in Santa hinges on it). The first shipped units of new hardware often come with bugs and defects that are smoothed out in later runs. Plus, you won’t be missing anything because Sony has pledged to release its games on both the PS4 and PS5 for the next two years. It’s smarter to wait a bit on technology…not only will the new consoles be easier to find after a while, but they’ll be more reliable. Usually.