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The Playstation 5 Launch Could Be A Mess

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Back in February, we heard that there could be trouble ahead for the Playstation 5. Basically, due to competition for parts from smartphone manufacturers, the components Sony wants to use to piece together the PS5 could be more expensive. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that this is indeed the case, and because of it, Sony’s launch of the Playstation 5 could be a mess…at least if it happens as scheduled this holiday season.

According to Bloomberg we could be talking an opening price tag of $499 to $549 US dollars, not quite the meme legend of $599 but close enough. They also predict the parts scarcity could not just make the new console expensive beyond a level consumers are comfortable with, it could be harder to find.

Sony may have fewer PS5 units to offer retailers than they did with the PS4 in 2013. While it’s common for new consoles to be difficult to track down in their first year (unless they really bomb, like the Wii U), the rarity of the PS5 could be on a level not seen since the Playstation 2 launch in 2000, when the new invention of eBay introduced the gaming world to the menace of scalpers.

So what will Sony do about this? A lot of it feels out of their hands, unless they’re willing to take a massive loss on the console price (they did this with the PS3, and are unlikely to repeat it). Bloomberg reports the company is considering lowering the cost of the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, and focusing more heavily on their existing PS4 userbase during the 2020 holiday season, with the PS5 treated as a high-end background object, at least temporarily.

Delaying the Playstation 5 would help with stock and possibly even with price, but Microsoft seems ready to go with their Series X, and Sony cannot blink unless their competitor does first. Both consoles are expected to launch by Christmas.