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The Next Ghostbusters Villain Is New, But You’ve Seen Him Before


When the new, improved(?) all-female Ghostbusters hit the streets of New York later this year, Gozer won’t be back. Instead the gang of four will be facing off against a new Big Bad, named Rowan. Except….he’s not exactly new. He’s unmistakably the ghost from the famous logo, albeit with a new bow tie.

Rowan was revealed at the New York Toy Fair today. The interesting thing about him (or at least his toy) is that you won’t be able to buy him all at once. Instead pieces of him will be sold attached to figures of the four Ghostbusters. Collect all four and you’ll have Rowan too.

The Toy Fair also revealed a few more ghosts, most of which don’t have names (except for Mayhem, who has no released picture unlike Rowan). One unnamed ghost reportedly looked suspiciously like Slimer, whom I would not be shocked to see again.

This ghost, of course, was used quite frequently in the Real Ghostbusters TV series. Though he never appeared within an episode, he was always seen strutting down the street in the main title, as well as getting a few speaking roles in the bumpers. We can’t confirm at this time if Rowan will sometimes sound like Winston and sometimes sound like Slimer.

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