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The Mandolorian Season 2 Gets First Trailer

The Mandolorian Season 2

The Mandolorian changed things in a lot of ways for Star Wars and its universe. For this truly was the first story that was outside of the main canon and didn’t feature any known Star Wars characters, and told a deep story on the fringes of space that dealt with a bounty hunter trying to do what was right…because “This Is The Way”. It wowed critics and fans and created many new crazes, and now The Mandolorian Season 2 is getting ever closer.

Today, Disney released the first official trailer for the second season, and it teases some big things. Including reinforcing the mission of “Mando” in that he has to find the relatively unknown homeworld of the one and only “Baby Yoda”. Which for the record, is a place not described anywhere in Star Wars canon, thus making it a true mystery. But of course, nothing ever goes as planned in this universe…

Yes, as you can see, not only is the Empire on Mando’s tail, but so is the Rebel Alliance! With if you recall, this is after Return of the Jedi so they have more authority in the universe. We also see Mando doing what he does best in beating people up and keeping Baby Yoda safe.

We all seem some old faces, and a new one in the form of WWE wrestler Sasha Banks appearing mysterious in the trailer. We also know that The Mandolorian Season 2 will feature the live-action debut of Ashoka Tano via Rosario Dawson, and the return of Boba Fett apparently.

How the season will be able to top what it did before is a bit unknown, but few expected it to be this good in the first place, so we’ll all just have to wait for October to come to prove why indeed we love this show.

This is the way.