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The Looney Tunes Show – “The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint” Episode Recap


Daffy seeks training from Speedy Gonzales in order to defeat Porky in a marathon. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam feels indebted to Bugs after he saves his life.

“The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint” embraces the usual tone of the show by giving viewers a variety of fun stories that work well. Daffy takes his pride to a new level when he develops a gripping desire to defeat a sluggish Porky Pig in a marathon, to the point that he asks Speedy Gonzales for special training in order to become a better runner. Those desiring to see something different out of Daffy will sadly be left destitute, as his exaggerated behavior is at full force again. Meanwhile Bugs is forced into a sticky situation with Yosemite Sam, who feels that he must repay a debt for having his life saved by the looney rabbit. The stories themselves only work out to “ok” at best, but they stay true to the Looney Tunes series thanks to all of the silly behavior coming out of so many characters. At the very least, I’d be lying if I said that Daffy’s obnoxious mission to beat Porky did not make me laugh, or the time when Bugs came up with the idea of almost getting hit by a car in order to get Sam off his back.

If there is anything I could praise about the Looney Tunes Show, it is that there is no doubt in my mind that the writers definitely nailed Yosemite Sam’s characterization perfectly. I’ve always felt that Maurice Lamarche brings so much fresh air to Sam’s character compared to how uniquely shaped the rest of the cast is. Linking Bugs into a situation that involves being stalked by one of his past archenemies is a splendid irony that gets progressively more entertaining. It would be wrong not to also mention on Speedy Gonzales finally breaking out of the usual pizza restaurant storyline environment into the peculiar concept of becoming a mentor for Daffy. Though, by the end, he entertains when he enters to compete in the marathon himself and ends the episode on a good note.