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The Looney Tunes Show – “Semper Lie” Episode Recap

The Looney Tunes Show
The Looney Tunes Show

Bugs gets trapped in a web of lies after trying to get out of Porky’s yearly trip to the Peach Festival.

Semper Lie exemplifies what holds The Looney Tunes Show down. The concept of the plot primarily circles around Bugs trying to lie his way out of going to the Peach Festival with Porky, but instead this makes everything worse when he makes up an imaginary sister that his friends now want to meet. What drastically crushed this episode for me was having to watch how poorly written Bugs was throughout the episode. It was frustrating to watch Bugs not understand how to lie, and even hear the characters say that  he would never lie because “it’s not part of his character” and that “he should stick to what he’s good at”.  In the classic cartoon shorts, Bugs was always a huge wise guy that abused lying to the funniest extent when it came to fooling whoever he pleased.  Does this show really have to minimize the beloved looney rabbit so far that he can’t properly get out of a situation anymore?  Surely there is a better way to uphold a straight man characterization, a way that doesn’t break down what makes the character loved by fans in the first place.

For once Daffy holds a small role this time, accidentally joining the marines after being fooled from Bugs’ string of lies. The episode surprisingly picks up dramatically right at the end with laugh-worthy scenario where Bugs gets thrown in jail for two years, with the marines ultimately saving him and Daffy shooting enemies down with an assault rifle.  It was as if the experience was just twenty minutes of  buildup that dragged on until the great punch line at the end. Bugs finally got to hold a plot that occupied most of the episode’s time, but his character is so condensed that I found Lola, Daffy and Porky to be the true entertainment through their endless sea of silly dialogue.  You can draw the iconic Bugs Bunny, make him dress up as a girl and even give him that good ol “What’s up doc?” catch phrase that he shall never part with, but there’s more to writing his character properly with the true spirit of what makes him so darn likeable.