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The Looney Tunes Show – “Itsy Bitsy Gopher” Episode Recap


Daffy and Lola decide to team up in order to crack down on the case of Tosh Gopher being missing. Back at home, Bugs is shocked to find a poisonous spider wandering around.

I found it pretty intriguing when the plot synopsis first revealed that Daffy and Lola were going to be teaming up in order to find Tosh Gopher. Both characters deliver silly humor with their stupidity, yet for what it’s worth they’re foolish in their own special ways. Daffy tries to act cunning and logical and often succeeds in situations where you’d expect him to fail, while has one of the most exaggerated airhead type of personalities out there.Ā  Meanwhile, Bugs faces some ill treatment this time around with his comedic clash against a poisonous spider that was fun enough to be the main event of this entire episode. The comedy reaches its height when Bugs fills his house with poisonous substances, only to rush back in to save the creature when he discovers that it was Gossamer’s pet and merely a very, very angry spider.

Watching these two characters assemble various absurd strategies in order to solve the “mysterious case” had me believing that this could be one of the best episodes. Daffy and Lola’s team effort was exactly what I figured it would be be; both characters had no idea what they were really doing in the caseĀ  scenario and they adopted the “private eye” persona in a very humorous manner. Sadly it’s held back a bit by some awkward pacing as well as extremely predictable storytelling, since things never went beyond Daffy and Lola making things up as they went along. This story could have achieved much more. Was it too much to hope for a parody of old black and white detective films?