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The Looney Tunes Show – “It’s a Handbag” Episode Recap


Daffy faces the horrendous experience of losing his precious  “handbag” after hanging around in the local food court. Around the same time, Lola decides that she must travel to the ends of the world in order to find Bugs the best anniversary gift.

The primary focus of “It’s a Handbag” is Daffy losing his “handbag” (it’s a purse) after his usual visit to the local food court. Depressed by this, he decides to hire Porky Pig as his bodyguard for protection from thief. The story here reminds me of season one’s “Newspaper Thief”, except instead of Daffy casting blame on anyone he goes overboard on caution instead. For the other storyline Lola goes on a journey throughout the world to find the “best anniversary gift in the world” for Bugs. I personally haven’t been too impressed with Lola’s character up to this point, as I’ve been wishing to see something more original out of her than providing comedy through her air-headed behavior. Fortunately, this week changes the usual routine by displaying everything entertaining about Lola’s character into one  adventure. It’s about time Lola had her own story that just doesn’t involve her constantly trying to force affection from Bugs.

That said, Daffy’s story holds most of the spotlight. What caught my interest the most here was Porky asking Daffy to humbly respect him. Porky being in a situation that doesn’t involve him being humiliated is a good change of pace that made Daffy’s typical silly scenario less redundant this time. It’s unfortunate, though, that Lola’s fun plot is mostly composed of small scenes that seem like they could have been a part of one big adventure for an entire episode. Maybe the better route for success here would have been Daffy going along with Lola in order to find the perfect new handbag, or even just letting Lola have an entire episode to herself for a dose of refreshing originality.