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The Looney Tunes Show – “Father Figures” Episode Recap


Bugs, Daffy and Porky all learn in their own way about the relationship of father and son.

Oh boy, Father Figures is an interesting story concept to say the least. The writers take us into the stories of Lola’s father wanting to bond with  Bugs, Porky looking after Henery Hawk for a father figure program and Daffy participating in the program and becoming Foghorn Leghorn’s “son”. All of these little stories turned out be amusing at the very least, while I feel that the sitcom style presented finally turned out well for what it is. Walter Bunny displayed great humor with Bugs with his constant wishful dreaming that they were really father and son. I can tell now that Bugs’ plot lines in this series definitely work better when he has a character outside of delivering punchlines to the jokes set up by Daffy.

Porky’s day with Henery Hawk started off promising and, alas, only kept its humor steady with the constant psychological chicken jokes. Porky’s character felt forced and not that likeable, with his loneliness being pushed so far that he’s now the type of guy who finds entertainment in watching the grass grow. It’s a funny idea on paper, yet it came off rather sour to me since it’s leading me to believe that Porky himself will never get proper development and will simply be known as the character in the series that always gets made fun of. On the other hand, pairing him with Henery was splendid for their opposite personalities and motivations playing against each other throughout the episode.  Daffy’s side was really just him goofing off with Foghorn Leghorn until a certain chicken hawk jumped in to ruin the experience by the end. Overall, we have now received another promising episode that made itself work with its usual gags and mainstream family jokes.