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The Looney Tunes Show – “Customer Service” Episode Recap


Cable Company representative Cecil Turtle tortures Bugs by taking away his cable and forcing him into a wild goose chase to get it back on before the big sports game.  Elsewhere, Daffy achieves a job of being a customer service representative supervisor, and Tina requests for Lola’s advice on how to be positive with customers.

I could go on and on about the hefty flaws that can make the overall product of this show very distasteful as a Looney Tunes Fan. However, sometimes all this show ever needed was just another character addition that could bring in the heavy laughs.  For the Looney Tunes series, one of the most well known comedic characters is Bugs Bunny’s racing archrival, Cecil Turtle.  Cecil is exactly and most definitely what this show needed to get viewers to finally to nod their heads towards The Looney Tunes Show and  agree that it  can be very looney when it plays its cards right. The plot runs with the idea of Cecil Turtle abusing his job for amusement by turning off Bugs’ cable and purposely giving terrible customer service. Enraged, Bugs soon begins to blow up inside and take matters into his own hands with his famous classic cartoon short line, “Of course you realize, this means war!”.

Tina’s plot worked out as well, with her asking Lola about how she can be more positive and polite with her customers only to get “advice” that’s actually driven by Lola’s daydreaming about her relationship with Bugs. Ultimately, Tina’s plan humorously backfires when she has no choice but to go back to normal and stand up to a greedy Yosemite Sam. Surprisingly, Daffy doesn’t do much in this episode besides sweetening Bugs’ revenge by randomly firing Cecil during hits short-lived stint as supervisor at the cable company.

Customer Service is not perfect though and does come across flat in specific areas. One of the biggest issues that keeps occurring every week is that the writers have an awful habit of adding in unnecessary scenes that could have been filled in with actual laughs. For example, there was really no need to put in Speedy Gonzales’ love for soap operas or even having Bugs being fooled over the phone with Cecil for so long. It would have been even funnier if that one simple phone call situation led to another race between the two characters or some sort of chaotic competition that could have completely exaggerated every element of the customer service scenario.  On the bright side, I give the episode two thumbs up for  balancing so many characters involved at once and making this show live up to its name.